COVID19 Therapist Directory

Please note: Therapists who are offering up to 4 free hours of therapy to FRONTLINE HEALTHCARE WORKERS and FIRST RESPONDERS ONLY, are indicated by Asterisk and Bold Type
Please note: Therapists who are specialists in evidence-based trauma therapies are noted by Asterisk *

Paying It Forward: Charitable Contribution to Provide Free Mental Health Therapy Front Liners, HCW, and Others Impacted by COVID19


Please note: All therapists on this directory have experience with trauma treatment, and are open to new clients of any professional background, and of any worldview

COVID19 has changed the global landscape of how we interact and do life in the community. Many are having very complex emotions, thoughts, and spiritual experiences in response to the major changes experienced. It may well suit you to pursue therapeutic services. This page was organized with names of therapists who reported to be open to new clients/patients, for the purpose of processing their individual experiences of trauma, grief, anxiety, and other disturbing symptoms arising from the changes brought by COVID19.

Therapists are listed according to their states and countries. Therapists who are specially trained in modalities optimal for trauma treatment, are indicated with an asterix (*) with the modality named in parentheses. Each therapist is solely responsible for providing you with their own informed consent, policies and procedures, and psychoeducation on how their services operate. Counselor Park has no responsibility or liability for the conversations and interactions that occur between users of this directory page, and the listed professionals. Please read the terms and conditions before accessing the directory below.

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