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All our services begin with a one-on-one consultation. Consultations serve as an opportunity to connect, to see if it is a good fit with the available provider, and to discuss next best steps or referrals. Consultations are not commitments to therapy, nor are they commitments to coaching, on either end of the conversation.

The outcome from a consultation may lead to coaching services (described below), or towards a psychological diagnostic assessment which is the first required step to begin psychotherapy counseling services.

At this time, all services are delivered electronically.

Life Coaching

Coaching is the best next step for higher functioning individuals who seek to manage their life stressors more effectively, to learn additional skills for their internal resources and to practice more effective communication for their relationships. Coaching is the best value service for those who wish to take their self-improvement at their own pace, and on the subjects they wish to focus on — topics can include (but aren’t limited to), friendships, dating, tough family relationships, adjusting to new life roles, professional career development, adjusting to new living circumstances in a new city/state or country.

Please note, Coaching is not a healthcare service. As such, Coaching does not involve psychological diagnostic assessments, nor does it involve medically-advised frequency of sessions.

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