Faith-Based Counseling

For many, religion and spirituality are an integral part of their lives and informs who they are. Christian beliefs and spiritual practices may be an integral part of some patients’ healing journeys, whether as their deepest source of wounds, or their foundation of tremendous fortitude and vision for their futures.

At Counseling Care Circle, we strive to provide the best care in accordance to the Board of Ohio’s requirements for multicultural competencies. We provide faith-based counseling as needed and desired, for patients identifying as Christian, agnostic, atheist, Buddhist, Spiritual but not religious, Catholic, Orthodox, Hindu. Per the Board’s advisory by-laws, if your therapist recognizes that a patient’s spiritual care needs exceed their training, education and expertise, they will provide a referral to a more knowledgeable and capable professional in the community.

Counselor Park is a seminary graduate of Methodist Theological School in Ohio: She earned a Masters in Pastoral Care and Clinical Counseling under the mentorship of Chair Dr. Fulgence Nyengele. Her colleagues and close friends from the Seminary include a Roman Catholic priest from Nigeria, a U.C.C. lesbian cis-female reverend, United Methodist deacons and elders, Presbyterian Church – USA women of color pastors, to name a few. She has been gainfully employed with Vineyard Columbus’ Prison Ministry and Support for Life Ministry, and with Heritage Christian Church’s counseling ministry, Pathways Counseling Center. She was trained by Terry Wardle, Ph.D. in Spiritual Care practices of Formational Prayer and healing. She has traveled abroad and led programs of short-term, intensive clinical care to North Korean refugees, Chinese nationals in cyclical destitute poverty; she worked in partnership with Heavenly Dream School, Youth With a Mission, and Yanbian University of Science and Technology.