Psychological Diagnostic Assessment

All services start with a mandatory consultation. Psychological Diagnostic Assessments are available for persons of all ages. Most healthcare insurance plans cover psychological assessment, in order to justify any ensuing psychotherapy counseling services. The out-of-network fees are a flat $199 per 2-hour segment of the comprehensive assessment, for any all measures needed to determine an accurate diagnosis (or multiple diagnoses). The comprehensive assessment typically requires 15 hours of intensive interviewing and testing, with consultative conversations with other relevant professionals and or family members. Psychological Diagnostic Assessments are not commitments to clinical psychotherapy

For example, in order to ethically and carefully assess children for ADHD or other developmental disorders, it is necessary for the therapist to discuss with the child’s primary caregivers, and the child’s primary school instructors, for relevant observations on the child’s functioning and performance. School records may be requested if appropriate. A wide-range of functioning will be assessed in this type of evaluation, including learning, memory, cognitive functioning, executive functioning, reasoning, social functioning, verbal and non-verbal communication.

Additionally, personality assessments are strictly available for those 18 and older only due to the research criteria strongly advising that the human personality is not fully settled into place, during key developmental stages of rapid formation. Therapeutic personality assessments may serve as brief interventions to help couples and family members gain better mutual understanding regarding their relational dynamics and patterns; on the other hand, a psychological personality assessment may also be conducted much more deeply and thoroughly if the clinician has professional reason to consider some deeply embedded personality dynamics in an individual who repeatedly suffers similar kinds of challenges in all spheres of their life.

A feedback session will conclude any and all diagnostic testing, where patients / clients will be provided with a report with all test findings and appropriate recommendations. We’ll explore results with you, or you and your partner, or you and your family, with compassion, openness, curiosity, and collaboration to provide both insight and healing.

A Note on Collaborative Work with Education and Legal

We understand the critical role that psychological assessments and clinical treatment can play in the process of sensitive legal and educational processes for individuals and families. We are ever interested in the mental-emotional-physical well-being of our patients and their family systems, and we only claim clinical knowledge to provide clinical interventions in therapeutic settings as per our professional background. We are willing to support individuals in the process of pursuing psychological diagnostic assessments to use towards decisions in school or in court. We are also willing to testify regarding the results from our assessments and treatment progress.

We have found it is important to emphasize that predicting the future, and making legal arguments are firmly outside our professional scope of practice.

We do charge for our work: There is a fee for service of any time we are taken away from servicing our other patients and clients at the office. Fees are due at the time of service. If one prefers working with a psychology-clinician who can advise legal and criminal defense authorities on legal decisions, we do advise you seek out the services of a forensic interviewer.

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