COVID19 Connect

Resources, Support, Information

For FRONTLINE WORKERS and FIRST RESPONDERS of any worldview, who are seeking to connect with a psychologist, therapist, counselor, or counseling social worker who is accepting new patients/clients over telehealth, and may be providing up to 4 hours brief therapy FREE, PLEASE CLICK HERE. Please read the terms and conditions before accessing the therapist directory.

For those who wish to volunteer as a licensed professional mental health therapist/ social worker/ psychologist/ counselor/ Christian pastor/ Christian priest/ Christian chaplain, please click here.

For a Facebook group on self care (mental health) education and support, please click here.

For a YouTube channel on practical self care tips, easy steps during and because of coronavirus, please click here.

For a Facebook group for healthcare workers sharing clinical treatment information on beating coronavirus with one another across-disciplines, cross-country, and globally, please click here.

For a Facebook group for frontline physicians to connect with RV owners who are renting pro-bono, please click here.

For a Facebook group for grieving the fallen healthcare workers to coronavirus, please click here.

For those who wish to connect with Christian support, please click here.


Paying It Forward: Charitable Contribution to Provide Free Mental Health Therapy Front Liners, HCW, and Others Impacted by COVID19


We will attempt to keep this updated to the best of our ability. Please be patient with us, as we are navigating uncharted terrain, and observing rapidly evolution of information and developments. Please know that we are not epidemiologists, lawyers, legislators, medical physicians, virologists, nor healthcare insurers. This is meant to be supportive so that you can have a place to begin in receiving the support you need. Please always do your homework to electronically verify active licenses in good-standing before beginning any kind of official provider-patient/client care services. Always check your licensing board’s state laws and rules, and patient rights. And, please stay home if you can, wash your hands, disinfect your shoes.

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