Positive Psychology

Psychology has historically and traditionally focused on deficits in people’s mental and emotional states. Scientists looked at people who lived in war-torn areas, and places plagued by cyclical problems spanning decades. These people would continue friendships, fall in love, have children, work, and seem to beat all odds. The scientists had to ask, How?! Thus, Positive Psychology was born.

Martin Seligman is most noteworthy for his work in positive psychology, investigating and exploring HAPPINESS. What strengths, virtues, factors contribute to a meaningful life??? 

Within the family of positive psychology thinkers, Steve Wilson also designed laughter therapy. He worked for decades at Ohio Reformatory for Women, central Ohio’s premier female inmate holding center. He recognized the strengths and abilities in society’s marginalized group, and looked at how the smallest human body can laugh from birth. He saw laughter as a survival tool, and a practice for wellness, wholeness.

At Counseling Care Circle, we believe that every person is designed and outfitted with all, if not most, of the inner abilities and skills to live this life well. People are not doomed, defective, nor destined for misery. All that is needed is to draw those wonderful attributes forward and then harness them!

Counselor Park is a certified laughter leader, trained by Dr. Wilson, and enjoys utilizing positive psychology for patients to recognize their own great capacity.



image credit: Intelligent HQ