Coaching and Consultation

Consultations serve as opportunities for prospective clients to determine fit with the available provider(s): During a consultation, prospective clients are invited to prepare and share their concerns, questions and goals for seeking professional support. The provider will assess and provide information on whether Coaching or Psychotherapy Counseling services are most appropriate for the client’s need. The prospective client and provider may also discuss strategies on how to achieve the client’s goals. Consultations are required at Counseling Care Circle, in order to begin psychotherapy counseling treatment.

Coaching services are available to higher functioning individuals who seek to self-improve and grow upon their existing skills and internal resources. Coaching is appropriate for individuals who are high functioning in most areas of their life, but may benefit from professional services to increase their adjustment, to increase their professional efficacy, or improve their personal satisfaction levels in their life.

Both consultation and coaching services are available in person, and through telephonic or online settings.

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