Art as Therapy

artWhen we look at babies, they mimic, and learn how to start individuating themselves by engaging the world sensorially. Language development is a mature task that comes some time after birth.

Art is a wonderful tool that can be used to help people find their voice, make meaningful connections, and discover new tools for wellness. Art therapy proper can be used to even diagnose patients and create entire treatment plans.

At Counseling Care Circle, art is used as a therapeutic tool sans diagnostic purposes. Patients are welcome to share as much or as little as they wish, as they create. Whether their words are readily available or not, patients have the control to decide when and how much they share. Some sessions may include structured and guided expressive arts modules, focusing on the process and mindfulness. Other sessions may be more organic, with therapeutic interventions to help patients interpret and understand themselves. Traditional art materials (paint, dry colors, oil and chalk pastels), musical instruments, poetry, writing utensils, costume capes, dramatic/theatre character-building are all tools in CCC’s Art Studio. Your clinician will co-collaborate with you in determining what is most helpful for each session and for your treatment needs and goals.


image credit: Art Therapy, Cape Town, South Africa