Child Therapy


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At Counseling Care Circle, child therapy is approached through a team effort modality utilizing best clinical practices. Children come to therapy for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, children face minor adjustment hiccups. Other times, children have experienced developmental or environmental traumas impacting their attachment or major functioning areas (social, spiritual, occupational). Still other times, minors have mental and emotional challenges that make them vulnerable to suicidality, in an unending loop of self destructive behaviors (i.e. self harm, eating disorders, “acting out”).


We aim to help the child and family system succeed in achieving their goals, often by utilizing the mother-figure as the agent-of-change. This is so the parental figure can provide consistent modeling for the minor whose brain is still in development.

We believe that children are capable beyond measure, and have potential beyond our wildest imaginations.



Our job is to help provide the environment for the child to feel safe exploring their thoughts and emotions, and for the family to feel confident taking risks in trying new approaches to overcome shared challenges.


We utilize:

  • art as therapy
  • PeaceLove expressive arts
  • gestalt therapy
  • play therapy
  • dancing mindfulness
  • music as therapy
  • psychodrama
  • positive psychology (strength-based therapy)
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • rational emotional behavioral therapy
  • motivational therapy
  • family systems (strategic & structural)
  • parent training & psychoeducation
  • parent-child interactive therapy (PCIT)
  • and where relevant: EMDR, multicultural therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and or pastoral/Christian counseling

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