Parents of a Blended Family

I wanted to work through some of my own trauma and anxiety so that I could be more available to the children in their need to heal. I also wanted to gain better parenting skills to understand each child’s unique trauma response and meet them where they were with my care. Ellice is incredibly smart. She was able to pass on curriculum that I could use with the children to move them through their dysfunctional behaviors and teach them new and healthy tools. Our family has been forever changed because she could identify a need in a child and find a resource to redirect behavior in a positive way. I’m not sure of the different names for therapies, but we discussed each child and she gave me tools for their unique needs that I put into use when I got home. We discussed family dynamics and she listened and always made sure she had heard exactly what I had told her. Ellice was a favorite among the whole family. Her care carried us through some incredibly important healing moments. For that, we will all be forever grateful.