Parents of a Blended Family

I wanted to work through some of my own trauma and anxiety so that I could be more available to the children in their need to heal. I also wanted to gain better parenting skills to understand each child’s unique trauma response and meet them where they were with my care. Ellice is incredibly smart. She was able to pass on curriculum that I could use with the children to move them through their dysfunctional behaviors and teach them new and healthy tools. Our family has been forever changed because she could identify a need in a child and find a resource to redirect behavior in a positive way. I’m not sure of the different names for therapies, but we discussed each child and she gave me tools for their unique needs that I put into use when I got home. We discussed family dynamics and she listened and always made sure she had heard exactly what I had told her. Ellice was a favorite among the whole family. Her care carried us through some incredibly important healing moments. For that, we will all be forever grateful.

Millennial with Quarter Life Crisis

My goal was to reduce my anxiety and depression to something manageable. When I came to Ellice for counseling, it was because my depression got so bad that I no longer wanted to exist. Going to a counselor was never in my comfort zone, but it was necessary. Ellice helped me talk through some things that had been going on in my life, and eventually we got down to the bottom of what was making me feel the severe depression. She gave me valuable information about how the human mind operates and how religion is tied into it all. By the end of therapy I was able to recognize my triggers and the overlying problems that I was suppressing that led to severe depression. Being able to sort out the emotions lifted a large burden. I am now able to recognize my triggers and apply my safety plan before the emotions become overwhelming. Overall, my goals were met.

Adult with Disabilities & Chronic Illnesses

This was the best counseling experience I have ever had. The staff and the environment was very welcoming. I really like Ellice, she has been my favorite counselor. I would recommend her to anyone. She even had knowledge about my chronic illnesses that even some nurses I’ve had before didn’t know about, and that was really impressive and made me trust her even more. She made me feel safe and secure, she is really approachable.

High School Student

I was suicidal and in a dark place when I started therapy. Ellice helped me work through things so I could see clearly and manage my emotions. I felt like I had a chance to turn things around for myself and enjoy life too. I am in a very different place today because of the work I did on myself to get here and the help I received.

College Student

I grew more in my time of doing therapy with Ellice in the last year than I did in the last four years on my own. She supported my goals 100%. She used different kinds of therapies to help me reach my goals. I was able to see the things I needed to work on, and maybe make more me time to not always feel so exhausted or worried. She was there when I had a couple crises, and talked me down from my panic attacks and negative spirals. I feel stronger and a lot more mature. I am confident I can face challenging situations, difficult people, and whatever life throws my way.

Working Professional

Therapy taught me to think about where I’ve been and what’s important. It is a great way to bring out emotions and learn how to express myself in a safe and healthy way. It was interesting to evaluate my personality and experiences. I thought I was broken, and that nothing could fix me. This is a very welcoming environment, and Ellice is very nice and helpful. I’m thankful I met her.

Pre-School Child

It’s fun to come and talk about my feelings. Sometimes we play games. Sometimes we play in the sand. I like doing art with Ms. Ellice. I can talk with her. I like mixing the paint. She is fun. I liked this.

Healthcare Professional

I didn’t know if I needed therapy. I skipped one week and it made a huge difference: I felt awful. I have been feeling better since I stuck to my program. Ellice is very calming and welcoming. It wasn’t a judgmental experience. My friends and parents liked being involved, and I felt way more confident with my support system after they came. It made me strive for peace and happiness for my family!

Elementary School Child

I like MS. ELLICE. We make art with our feelings. She is nice. I learn about my feelings, and that I can feel sad, happy, nervous, mad, scared, frustrated. I learn that if I put my mind to something, I can do Anything! I feel good!!! I feel HAPPY going to see Ms. Ellice!

Stay At Home Parent

I love how attentive and creative Ms. Ellice is with my children. My kids love her! They look forward to their time with her, and remind us during the week that we have to get ready for therapy.