Is Counseling Care Circle accepting new patients?

No, we are currently not accepting new patients.

How do I schedule, and what should I prepare for my first session?

Please communicate with Counseling Care Circle for a brief and short consultation to see whether our organization can provide for your clinical needs. If we can help, we will send you an email to set up your patient portal and fill out paperwork. You can schedule your first appointment through your patient portal.

Can Counseling Care Circle bill my insurance?

At this time, we are not contracted with insurance companies. We can help you seek out of network reimbursement from your insurance if you wish. We also offer the option of private pay, which has the added benefit of increased privacy and confidentiality.

Where are you located (and where do I park)?

We have a few offices in greater Columbus, Ohio and greater Cleveland, Ohio, with large free, public parking lots. During non-pandemic times, when you arrive, the receptionist will notify your therapist. Your therapist will come and get you for the session. However, during this pandemic, and the foreseeable future, all services are delivered electronically as a safety measure. 

How often can I meet my therapist?

We generally meet weekly per standard clinical care procedures. We advise fragile and vulnerable patients to schedule per their clinical need, until they stabilize. As patients reach their therapy goals and become stronger, therapists will usually work with them to decrease sessions until the patient no longer meets clinical criteria for care, in order to “graduate” from their program.

How many sessions will I need?

It is important to remember therapy is not a “quick fix”, and you therapist is not a magician. It requires commitment towards personal growth and change. It is also important to remember no two persons are alike. During the intake process, your therapist will be able to provide you an estimated length of time based on your presenting concerns, goals, health history, and diagnoses. Estimates of time are typically given in one of the five following terms: (1) under three months, (2) 3-6 months, (3) 6-12 months, (4) longer than 12 months.

May I bring my child with me?

Good question! It depends! If the therapy hour is scheduled for your child, absolutely. If the therapy hour is scheduled for you, please arrange childcare separately. The office suite is shared by multiple practitioners and professionals, and childcare is not available. Children may not be left unattended in the waiting room.

May I bring a friend or partner with me to my first session?

Anyone can come to the first session with you as long as it is beneficial to your goals for therapy. Sometimes, a third party can provide insight or knowledge to help treatment planning. Other times, a third voice can be disruptive.