Catholic Christian Friends For Intersectional Racial Healing

How do we walk through difficult conversations of racial suffering as friends and neighbors?

How do we begin to have racial healing at home?

What is the intimate language of “we” and “us” after cleaning up the deadweight baggage of historical and cultural lenses?

Our project is for the purpose of demonstrating, and modeling— even if it may be human at times— how to have intersectionality in our personal lives. My friends and I focus on having this conversation on racial experiences, with one another: We hope to show others that the talking point of “racial experiences” does not have to be perceived as a threat to the relationships most important in one’s life. 

There are many resources available in the community on how larger organizations and professionals must conduct themselves better, decreasing discrimination and implicit biases. We do not feel a need to recreate what is already out there. In this project, we are interested in attempting to help with a very small, very specific, very narrow goal: addressing the gap that is left, of lacking resources for personal conversations, through the method of modeling and demonstrating it ourselves, we who are Catholic and Orthodox and Christian.

Healing is messy, hardly ever perfect, and not always glamorous. But we are here to walk through the mud together as Catholic and Christian friends. With each other, and with you. We hope our example helps.

May God have mercy on us all.

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